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I can take swatches of t-shirts or literally any fabric, add photographs and create a customized pillow for your memories of special places, people and events ...  

Pet Pillows


Everybody has that adorable pet that they want to immortalize and we love pets so as their human, don't they deserve a pillow?



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Wedding Pillows


The Big Day!

After the vows are exchanged and the party is over, let this remind you every day of your blessed love!

Anything you dream up!


Here is a "sweet and upbeat" pillow featuring Pauly's "Department Of Grass" artwork!



You have questions, we have answers. See the FAQ's section below, that is where most questions are answered and if you need more info, use our contact form.

FAQ's and Table of contents



Pillows range from $45 to $100 finished based on size, materials used, etc. The cost of materials is included in the final quoted price (except materials provided by you.) 

Can U Fix My Pics To Look Better?

Check out this sample of what Pauly can do to pictures. Each picture will be scrutinized for any problems and fixed as part of the agreed cost estimate. In addition, this service can be performed for framing and archiving as a print for displaying in a frame or scrapbbook of family photos.

How long does it take to finish my item?

You have to be patient so that perfection can be achieved! It is best to allow at least 2-3 weeks after we agree to do a pillow or shadowbox.

We are located in Westminster, MD

If you are anywhere near me, I'll meet you personally to discuss your work and what you'd like. Otherwise, we can Facetime, email, snailmail, whatever it takes!


Here's some nice things people are saying!


 Michele made me a pillow using my daddy's old sweatshirts after he passed away. I wanted to keep them but I didn't want them just sitting in the closet. She told me she could make a pillow using them. I totally trusted her with my daddy's sweatshirts and the finished product was even better than I thought it was! She really captured my memories in a way that no one else could! I was beyond thrilled and would trust her with anything special of mine to work her magic with! I just got married so I will be wanting a pillow with my special wedding photos for sure! If you have a memory just sitting around and you aren't sure what you want to do with it, have Michele make something for you! She will honor your loved one in the sweetest possible way!! 


photo reconstructions for portraits

If you have a photo you'd like updated, reconstructed, color-corrected, etc., consider what Pauly can do in the example above! This is an excerpt from an old band photo. Makeup, hair, jewelry, he can do it all!

Even the opening portrait of Paul on the home page of this site was just an iPhone selfie that was cut out (background removed) and using special tools to make hair "wisp" and add a new background, you can have a one-of-a-kind portrait of yourself or a loved one. See other examples at: www.Trickphoto.com

Photo Information

This section should help you with your photos.

1) For printing, photos should always be a minimum of 150 dpi (dots per inch) which is called resolution. The bigger the dpi number,. the better. Therefore, 8 x 10 @216 dpi is 3 times better than 8 x 10 @ 72 dpi. Got that?

2) If you have a physical picture like a regular photograph, then it needs to be scanned by you, or by us, and we can do that for no extra charge. If you have a scanner (either a stand-alone, or one of those machines that is also a printer) then scan it and save it as a .png if possible. TIFF is also great. When in the pre-scanning mode, your software should allow you to choose a dpi setting and that is where you could choose between 200-300 dpi.

3) If you have a picture taken with a smartphone, sometimes they are really at an acceptable dpi level, say 72 dpi, but they are many inches wide and high (like 36 x 24) and simply by changing the 72 number to 200 or more will bring it down to a printing size like 8 x 10. If you change it, DO NOT resample it, un-click "resample" and just manually change the number. If this is not clear to you, we can do that for you. BUT: any less than 8 x 10 @ 72dpi will print very poorly.

4) You always need to have the most original photo you can get ... meaning do NOT text pictures or acquire them through texting as this further compresses and reduces the picture. If possible, have the picture sent to you though email and then send it to us through email. Our email address is private to avoid spam, so send us a contact through the form below and we will send you the address.

5) This may seem too complicated, but we want your finished product to look great and by taking these steps in advance, then we have to do less and that speeds up the process! As far as necessary graphic art (like fixing dark photos, etc.) Pauly does that and you should check out www.trickphoto.com for samples. Aside from pillows, we can also do shadowboxes along the same lines, but you hang it on your wall. Between us, we can do just about anything you can think of, so don't be afraid to ask.


The 2018 Christmas Cross Pillow!

With a beautiful Christmas wreath and gilded cross painted by Paul Santa Maria, this pillow is sure to warm up your home this year! It can be different color combinations to make yours a one-of-a-kind! Use the contact form below to ask for this pillow with different colors or any other question you may have about our pillows! ~ Michele


Christmas Cross Pillow #1

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