"Pascual Lives" with Jazz Legend Larry Coryell, Orlando 2006

This was performed at a Buddhist KaiKan, a piece I wrote for Pascual Olivera. 

Also, you can go to:


Where I have 152 videos on YouTube!

Live at the Palmer Opera House, Cuba, NY

This was my first true solo concert and I was ... how you say ... scared silly.

Sadly, the kid I paid $200.00 to, to record the event forgot to hit "play" on the audio recorder so what we have left is audio from the camera. Sigh.

But it isn't hard to hear that I can play the crap out of a guitar, especially if you stay with it to around the 7 minute mark when I beg the audience's indulgence to show off for a bit. I don't need to play with my teeth or set the guitar on fire, I do it with my hands.

"Star Spangled Banner" from Hadley, NY Library

The American national anthem. My proudest performance of this was when a very tall man came up to me and said "Dude, you made me cry!" 

He was about 6'4" and I'm 5'4"... ex-military.

This was recorded in a library in the Adirondacks.

Palmer Opera House, Cuba NY Pt.2

More Beatles craziness. No bass, drums, tracks, about 65 people in the audience. I sold 8 guitar books and 3 art of pencil books. Oh and about 14 cd's.

The applause is real, no trickery!

"Saturday Night Movie" Intro


This is a sample of my work for PBS.

This is done entirely on an Ensoniq ASR-10. I love sequencers and samplers - if you can hear it, you can record it.

There are many examples on this youtube link.

"Latin Flute" from Melbourne, Fla Solo Concert

Me playing an original tune live with a track minus the lead line. It was 48 degrees that day! I STILL ripped it up!

Bass Octaver Solo, Vietnam Vets Moving Wall, Melbourne, Fl.

I was in this band as the bassist - while playing all my parts through an octaver on my same Les Paul!

This was at a Vietnam Vets Moving Wall performance in Melbourne, Florida about 2009.

Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds

Me doing the Beatles classic

"INSEPARABLE" with Larry and Tracey Coryell

Larry plays the acoustic guitar to the left side of the mix, Tracey sings (and composed the tune) and I play everything else.