Note to all considering purchasing "The Guitar Explained" :

After 13 years of existence, The Guitar Explained has just been updated - in fact, 19 pages have seen changes which were mainly to improve clarity and to maximize page real estate. The price has NOT changed upward! Remember, no matter how many guitar books you are studying from, TGE is the only one where the basics of music are taught immediately and spelled out instead of trying to glean info from reading music. You weren't taught to read and write and do mathematical equations before you were taught 0-9 or A-Z, so how do you expect to learn to do equations with music without knowing all there is to know about THE 12 TONE SYSTEM? 

Think of my book as a movie prequel ! ~ Pauly

NEW: "Introduction To Basic Music Theory" Book!

I have recently completed a short primer on music theory culled from material in The Guitar Explained (below) and it is intended for any instrument or vocalist. It explains the whole basic system of music theory and is only 5 dollars. You can find it on the "Purchase Items or Donate" page. It explained the basics in greater detail than the main book, but it NOT a substitute for it if you are studying guitar or bass guitar.


G.E Full 40 Page Manual

The Guitar Explained


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For beginners to advanced, a how-to, self-help instruction manual that covers EVERYTHING you need to know: the 12 tone system, scales, exercises, theory, how to create chords and much more! 40 pages printed on 100-pound paper stock with digital non-smudge ink for maximum life. Less than dinner for two or even a partial tank of gas. Over 1,500 sold with no returns or complaints. *NOTE: While I am notified when I make a sale, there isn't a section for notes, so if you want your book autographed, it would help if you would send me a note in my contact form here on my site to let me know that. Also, PLEASE send your phone number in case there is any issue that I need to contact you immediately. Your number is kept confidential as is ALL your info, ALL the time! This site uses full SSL security, provided by GoDaddy.

  Isn't that a beautiful book cover? (The copyright notice is only for the web and does NOT appear on the book cover!) 

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What you need to know about my book ...

Here's EVERYTHING you need to know about my book, recommended by Larry Coryell, Mark Egan and others!

As of July 4th 2019, I have updated 19 pages in my book. Most changes were purely cosmetic, plus a few typos were uncovered and corrected. I also added some references to other pages, making it easier to navigate. I never stop upgrading my beautiful book and I do everything myself , including artwork, photography, text and layout, shipping and handling!  In fact, the only thing I DON'T do is PRINT the damned thing, which is done by Mike Roebuck@ Good Impressions Printing

1696 Aurora rd. Melbourne, Florida. 

This guy is excellent and is a one-man operation like me ...


Update: I just concluded reading an article how a major college in Wisconsin is deleting many liberal arts courses ... geography, 2D and 3D art, history and all because their tuition needs to be so high, and, students can now learn what they need in many cases, outside the classroom. I tried and failed to get any institution to hire me (despite my obvious REAL WORLD qualifications) and now find myself in the unique position of not owing Two Hundred Thousand Dollars to some school that can't guarantee me a position anywhere. I am reminding you that my book, including shipping, (designed as a self-help manual that will teach you EVERYTHING you need to know, except reading music notation) WILL teach you to be a better guitarist than you would have been on your own, because you don't have the time to dedicate your whole life to guitar studies as I have chosen to do. Again, you'll spend more than the total cost of receiving my book on sending out application papers to some college, let alone the $50K a year it will cost you to end up learning LESS THAN IS IN MY BOOK. I GUARANTEE THAT and that is why the Summa cum Laude Juilliard grad who reviewed my book for the US Copyright Office told me there was more information in THE GUITAR EXPLAINED than she learned at that school and "could she CONTINUE STUDYING IT?" after granting me the copyright! I think that's a pretty solid recommendation, right?


According to me, (as stated in bold letters on the cover,) "A 100% non-piano, guitar / bass-centric, atomic-level study of music theory as applied to the true natural architecture of the world's most innovative instrument". I MEANT THIS SINCERELY.

FIRST - I have recently passed sales of 1,400 copies of my book, no returns, no complaints, no big publishing company taking the profits!!! Thank you, everybody!

SECONDLY, my book is ENTIRELY concerned with Guitar-Centric Theory and Architecture ... there is NO instruction (nor will there EVER be) in READING MUSIC NOTATION; I do not believe in learning notation until you firmly understand MUSIC THEORY and how it is applied to the guitar. So, to sum up at this juncture, the book teaches REAL, standard music theory and ALSO guitar-centric (or purely guitar related) Music Theory.

So READ THIS and see if it makes sense to you:

The language and characters of all numbers in the world are  0 - 9.
The language and characters of our Western reading and writing are A - Z.
The language and characters of all music are Root - Major 7th,
which is called "The Twelve-Tone System".

If you had been taught the twelve-tone system at the same age as you were the other 2 languages you use every day, you would now speak, play and write music with the same ease. It's that SIMPLE.

But were you? Has ANY student I have ever taught music to
(and that's over 3000 physical humans) known this language when
they came in for lessons - even when they had had other teachers? I SWEAR TO GOD - NOT ONE. You may now correct the failure of the educational system by beginning with the names of the notes and the titles for their positions within said twelve tones.

Has any guitar instruction manual taught you Root - Major 7th as the
first lesson? I don't think so. THIS does!! You must learn this language to understand what the names of chords mean, how to solo over them, how to speak music to other musicians and, most of all, how to replicate the results of your practice and learning, etc. Otherwise you will be "poking around" forever. It's all very well to say "I play blues and I don't need that". That's wrong, kid.

It's that -SIMPLE.





If you answered yourself truthfully and the answers were NO -  NO - YES,
then my book is for you, beginner OR advanced! Please go read the testimonials on this site from geniuses like Larry Coryell and Mark Egan (Google them if you are unaware of their names!) and then realize that for less than a ONE-MONTH PHONE BILL, ($36.00 with shipping, to be exact) you could know what you're doing forever. Then after your friends freak out, you can act all cool, knowing you were smart enough to trust me.

Again, *The Guitar Explained was reviewed by a Summa cum Laude graduate of the Juilliard School of Music who works for the Library of Congress and granted me the copyright based on correctness of the info. Not only did she tell me there was more information in my book than she was taught at Juilliard, she also praised the graphics, the clarity of explanations and asked if she could continue studying from it! 

Again: I have sold over 1,300 copies without any requests for money back nor any complaints ... (there are those persons who feel you're too impatient or SPA [SmartPhoneAddicted] to EVER be able to read a BOOK - oh NO, a BOOK! A thousand years of precedent, but YOU can't do it, they say ... not me - books don't need electricity to use them !!)

HERE's WHAT TO DO NEXT: Watch the videos of me playing live and decide for yourself if I know what I'm doing ... I think you'll hear years of practice, execution, technique and SOUL. 


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