Questions? Answers! Answers? Questions!


Where can I buy your original music?, Amazon, iTunes, Spotify or any of the major online retailers. I don't have cd's in any stores except CDBaby. As of June 14, 2018 I have 215 songs for sale on those online sites. Just search "PAUL SANTA MARIA" but NOT Jean Paul Santa Maria, I do NOT know who that guy is except that his pictures sometimes come in searches of me on Google.

Concerning Photoshop Training ...

I have 20 solid years of professional Photoshop use, (meaning I got paid for work using PS) and have been a graphic and fine artist since age 15 and am now 65. I am also a former member of NAPP (National Association of Photoshop Professionals.) I let that go because I personally got no benefit from it other than flinging the name around, (IMHO) but had to pay dues. 

I teach all relevant uses of Photoshop from the most simple to complex. I charge $20.00 per hour at my place or online via Facetime or Skype from Westminster, Maryland or $30.00 if I come to you there. I work fast and you take notes. In the end, we recreate a magazine cover from scratch, which will need everything from color correction, shape manipulation, text, to final output. Restore old photos and archive as high rez to dvd, put people in (or take 'em out!) of photos. Anything you can think of, I can show you. Later on, if you need help, I won't charge you for assistance.

Every photo and book on this site was created or manipulated in Photoshop 7 from 1997! Even my website main photo was just a selfie in a bathroom mirror, background removed, hair fixed, new background inserted!

PS ... I will also teach you how to take great photos from your smartphone and edit them in the phone as well.

How did you learn music theory?

Honest to God, I figured it out on my own mostly, but with a little help from my friends like Jerry Keating, Barry Hirsh, and even J.R. Weitz. I realized it takes a total commitment to learn theory, so I wrote the Guitar Explained to ... ah ... explain it so you don't have to. The point of theory is you are playing from a position of knowledge instead of repeating the same old patterns and being able to not only build on what you are playing and composing, but you can communicate to other musicians who are trained. Imagine being able to not only decipher a chord title such as Cmaj7add9/Bb and also being able to solo over that concoction of notes, whilst moving through a complex chord arrangement and sounding fresh and innovative! You pretty much cannot wing it over chords like that if you want to sound intelligent, as opposed to playing some whitebread pentatonic crapola. Some people are born with the gift of theory or math or painting but most people are not; those folks need to learn it and when they do, they can be just as great as anyone else.

Can I get your books for a discount?

Not unless you sign up for some lessons! (Haha, but seriously...) they cost me a large amount to print ($12.00 each) and at less than the cost of a tank of gas or dinner for two, then there's no reason to sell them for less. Truth be told, for the info contained, I should charge $100.00 at least. But I'm saving you about $50,000.00 by not going to a fine school like Berklee. Keep the book for the rest of your life, pass it on to a relative or whomever and owe nothing to anyone (including me) after the initial cost of $36.00 total! I realize we all want to get the thing for less than it's advertised price and that seems to be natural, so just make believe it costs over 50 grand like an education at the aforementioned Berklee or the estimable Julliard school. Don't believe me? Go to their online sites and search for tuition costs.

Is it fun playing the guitar?

Nothing is it's equal when you know what you are doing and are able to create on the fly! 

How long does it take to receive my book?

I usually turn around a book sale in 24-48 hours if I have copies on hand! If it's going to be longer I have the printer in Florida print one up and mail it to you directly.