1and1and1is3 (V#1 - Upstate NY and Environs) - Beatles +

DeAnn DiMeo - Lead Vocals


DeAnn DiMeo is one sultry, smooth, gifted, artistic singer. You've never heard someone just like her ever, in our opinion. She breathes life into every song she sings, is a great front person and she's got the moves!!


Paul Santa Maria - Guitars/Vocals


Yours truly on guitars and voice.

Mark R. Harris - Bass/Vocals


Mark plays upright (double) bass with fingers or bow, a custom 7-string fretted electric and a custom 7-string fretless electric. He is a composer and a killer, fast, eclectic interpreter of any music he plays.


1and1and1is3 (V#2 - Maryland and Environs) - Beatles +

Kelsey McKenney - Lead Vocals


Kelsey  has the most beautiful voice - check out her singing "Over The Rainbow" in our Broadway Love show from 2/15/2020 and you will hear a true songbird! Voices like hers are very rare!


Paul Santa Maria - Guitars/Vocals


Yours truly on guitars and voice.

Michele Cooney Keyboards/Vocals


Michele lays it down on keyboards, filling the air with beautiful piano and strings, pads and more to breathe life into the tunes we play. Plus Paul gets to solo like he is known for, which solo fingerstyle guitar puts a crimp in!