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Larry Coryell, Mark Egan discuss The Guitar Explained book by Paul Santa Maria, master guitarist

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Paul Santa Maria live Melbourne Florida 2012

Artist, Musician, Daytime EMMY award-winning Music Composer, Photographer, Tutor, Author, Graphic artist, Photoshop master.

Sweet and Upbeat

A Sweet and Upbeat Pillow, the "Tree and Grass Dept."

Whether it's simply decorative, special interest, featuring Paul's artwork, or "Pillows With A Purpose", Michele does it all!

Guitar/Bass or Art Lessons

The Guitar Explained is a guitar instructioin manual

In your home, at my home, on Skype or Facetime you can have personal one-on-one lessons with me.

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My music can be purchased online through iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby.com and Spotify to mention a few sources. See the next section below for links to music online. For my recent Solo Guitar CD, send me a note through the contact form.

Online Music, Baby Elephant

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Paul Santa Maria has 225 songs on iTunes !

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