“The Guitar Explained”
by Award-Winning Musician / Composer / Artist

46 years in the making!

From witnessing The Beatles on Ed Sullivan at age 10 to an eventual googol of paid gigs, tours, guitar solos, recordings, film / television and industrial video scores taught me (without being able to read a note of music) how to coalesce into one 40 page “How-To” book of what it took for me to play the way I do, and I’ve played and/or recorded with some of the world’s best players!

"Fans of traditional jazz guitar should definitely check out Paul Santa Maria" - Scott Andrews*


This book is a work detailing the architecture of the guitar, explaining the theory of it’s musical design, teaching you exactly how to understand how to play it properly as opposed to just another “how to” on blues or jazz... and you’ll never need another chord book again!!

Cover of The Guitar Explained

40 pages, 8.5" x 11"

100 lb. cover stock

100 lb. inside stock

~ Autographed ~

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When you were a child, you were taught the basic systems of numbers and alphabet. One had 10 digits and basic alteratives like +, -, and . (decimal point.) The alphabet has 26 characters and basic alteratives like . , ?, ! and "". Now think how well you do with basic math, reading, writing and speaking in everyday life.


ANSWER: You would be creating musical sentences and calculations that would solve all the mysteries of music as well! And what if a book came along that dispensed with all the extra jargon that is only used by symphonic players and explained in simple language what you needed to do to understand WHAT TO DO?

IT HAS. Not only will my book teach you how to understand REAL MUSIC THEORY, scales, and how to create any chord whatsoever without a RIDICULOUS chord book with 12,000 tabs for you to memorize, but it will teach you how to MAKE WHAT YOU HEAR IN YOUR HEAD COME OUT OF YOUR GUITAR. You do NOT need to read music (in fact, the years dedicated to learning that language gets in your way, because it is like learning to read and speak without being able to far would you get in life without knowing how to write your own checks?) You learn the language characters and their use FIRST, not LATER or maybe NOT EVER, like you probably have not! Add to that wild scale-creation and alteration ideas and exercises I designed for myself to play with the likes of Jazz legend Larry Coryell (Google HIM!) and even advanced players will learn new information and strategies. This one book will teach you everything you need to know...and what you thought was impossible for you. But you must practice!!!

I have NEVER had anyone ask for their money back for my beautiful, colorful, illustration-filled book, nor have I ever had anyone write to me with the email address printed TWICE in the book saying they did NOT understand what I wrote! In fact, what I hear most is some variation of: "I've been playing in the dark for ___ years". Come into the light...PS: a decent major music school charges $15,000.00 a year tuition these days and they DON'T teach you how to express yourself as YOU want do it by THEIR design. I think $30.00 is a lot better than that, agreed? And your schooling doesn't end after one year with you in debt for 30 years.

Printed Book with original artwork included:

Non-smudge digital-ink Hi-Rez printing, saddle- stitch bound (minimizes crushing of wires/combs), on 100 lb. paper stock in beautiful color. Includes blank tabs copyable from the book for chord and scale creation. Chart for “Life Is Koo-Koo”.

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