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About Paul Santa Maria

A Life of Guitar

I started playing the guitar at age 11 and still am going strong at age 65. The Beatle's first appearance on the Ed Sullivan show did it for me and there was no turning back.

I have been a professional guitarist since age 12, and am not stopping, constantly learning new material and doing arrangements of solo guitar works.

Live Music = Love

You just can't know what a thrill it is to perform live in front of a caring audience; likewise it can be horrifying if your audience doesn't care and they are surfing their phones or ignoring you altogether, but that's the challenge...

I don't usually have any problems entrancing my audiences as I have  refined my arrangements to have maximum identification and emotional impact.

Hear Me Play

You have to really sit and listen to the full range of a musician's performance to apprecaite the years spent alone practicing their instrument, the art of composition, arrangement and technique/theory.

I pride myself on being awarded 4 Daytime EMMYs and having played with some of the best musicians on the planet, like the late Larry Coryell, all of whom I have learned from and use in my live performances. 

The Guitar Explained

The Guitar Explained is a 40 page self-help guitar instruction manual for all ages.

A how-to, self-help manual for all that is learning guitar. I guarantee results that you never knew were possible even if you have been playing for many years for beginners to advanced.

The Art of Pencil

Pencil drawings and techniques by master artist Paul Santa Maria

I spent many years as a pencil artist and here are some of my best works, with explanations of how to do the same thing with the wonderful pencil. 40 pages, saddle stitched, digital 100lb. paper printing


Larry Coryell and Mark Egan describe their endorsements of my book "The Guitar Explained"

Just a few testimonials from the likes of Larry Coryell and Mark Egan to name a few...I am proud that these folks had great things to say about my book. Please click the link and you can read more...

The Art of the Cross

Gorgeous images of the Cross, non-denominational, inspirational for daily life.

The iconic shape of a cross used as a basis fro some cool visuals, done in photoshop featuring my photos and had drawn art.

My Live Gigs

Live appearnaces by master guitarist Paul Santa Maria

Find out where I'm playing.


Frequently asked questions about the works and life of musician and artist Paul Santa Maria

Answers to commonly asked questions, culled from years of my sites.

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Pauly on iTunes

Paul Santa Maria original music on iTunes.com

My original music on iTunes.


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